About Vanguard

Who We Are

VANGUARD E-Group Agencies is a one stop hub for marina services covering all Egyptian Ports.

Our collective knowledge of well-experienced team in various aspects of shipping along with our timely services enhance your business performance and provide you with exceptional experience.

We are committed to provide your business with a tailor-made experience orchestrated by expertise. Working day and night to accommodate both your preferences and requirements.

Our Mission

Our ultimate aim is to offer as many solutions as possible to the Sea Trade industry, providing a high level of service while also making the administration side easier by producing one invoice across a number of services.

Our Vision

Vanguard vision is to stand as a one-stop hub for all marine services can be required to a Ship/Yacht in transit of Suez Canal and during her stay at Egyptian Ports

Our Value

Integrity, honesty and financial security is our core value. Therefore, by using one company with the same ethics and approach to business, you can rely on the service levels the ships will receive, which in turn produces unmatched results.

Our personalized service that goes above and beyond is our key of success.

Vanguard provides unsurpassed service involve all shore & offshore services, including:

  • Port Agency
  • Suez Canal Transit
  • Husbandry Services
  • Cargo Operation
  • Protecting Agency

Vanguard Operations Team

Vanguard  paves its route to growth by putting into action corporate values intertwined  with our marine  and  shore personnel. Our people, consistent, hardworking and talented professionals generate an incomparable impetus, capitalizing the company’ s operating structure, both at sea and onshore. Team work and cooperation are key elements  for  our success story  that  deploys everyday within our offices and onboard the vessels under our agency. The assets of our company’s growth are deeply connected  to our people.