Husbandry Services

Vanguard delivers the best client care services to all ships/yachts within Egyptian Territory, helping a fast turn-around of your ship/yacht and thence meet the intended schedule on time.

Our services including but are not limited to

Fuel and Lube Oil Purchasing – VANGUARD are able to arrange fuel supplies to your ship/yacht anywhere. We ensure that your ship/yacht receives the best product available delivered by most reliable suppliers in the location at the best rates. Where we do not have an office, we will have a service level agreement with a local agent that could work as our sub-agent.

Spare Part & Logistics – VANGUARD offers a global “door-to-deck” delivery service for ship/yacht spares and marine parts. As well as for off landed parcels to be dispatched to designated destinations as well crew ship/yacht mail & Oil samples to Laboratories for analyzing process without delay.

Crew & Security Guards – VANGUARD work in conjunction with clients to ensure smooth clearance for Crew/MST through international & domestic check-points and secure transfer to the ships/yachts and vice-versa via A-Class Category fleet at the most cost-effective solutions.

Supply & Provisions – VANGUARD Subsidiary chains are able to meet ship/yacht requirements from deck & engine, provision , bonded stores …etc of different categories at competitive costs wherever the location of the ship/yacht.

We have our agricultural division and raw food supply. We will serve your crew with careful attention to every detail of your valued order. We can offer you attractive prices and quality. We can provide fresh, frozen, and dry provisions from the high-quality sources. We are committed to giving the best competitive prices in line with your operational budget.

Single Invoice Solution – Where possible, VANGUARD can combine a range of services onto one invoice We can also provide one bank account despite the ship calling to a range of countries. We want to try, make the administration easier and removing the stress from cruising around the world.